Terrarium Vs Kodi: Which one best for you

Terrarium Vs Kodi
Terrarium Vs Kodi

Confused between Terrarium vs Kodi for streaming movies? Here are the head to head comparison between those two best media centers.

Terrarium and Kodi is app that allows you to watch, stream online, download free HD TV Shows and movies. They provide countless entertainment content for free to your devices.

No one denies that Kodi is the leading app to watch stream movies online. It has all the capabilities as the most suitable media center for your home. It streams HD movies, connect all your home devices including your PC, laptop, android and even TV box.

For Terrarium TV, it has its leaps and bound. Unlike Kodi, many user seems to like the simplicity and how easy Terrarium setup. While Kodi needs more detailed setup with its 3rd party addon, Terrarium lets you watch movies by simply install and stream.

So which one is the best for you, Terrarium Vs Kodi. Get the answer below

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Terrarium Vs Kodi

#1. Movies Content

Terrarium TV content is managed only by its official developer, while Kodi provides you the content from various third party add-on which is managed independently by add-on developer (unofficial).

At this point, I would say that Kodi has more content available to offer, and get quicker updated movies around than Terrarium. Since, you can get various add on installed on Kodi and each add-on will provide you their latest collection movies.

#2 Reliable Link Movies Stream (no broken link)

Unlike Terrarium, each Kodi add-on content provider is unofficially managed. So it is common to find outdated add-on or developer stopping their project etc.

I have been using Kodi since last year, and I have experienced installing various nonworking Kodi add-on. Either discontinued project or developer entirely take down the add-on.

Here, Terrarium is more reliable than Kodi for their movie link to stream.

#3. Device Compatibility

For now, Terrarium only available for Android while Kodi can be installed on various devices. Kodi is available for almost any media device you can find at home such as; PC Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, Firestick and even Android TV box.

#4. User Interface

For basic task, I would say both Terrarium and Kodi has simplicity for their user interface. However, when it comes to advanced menu, Kodi surely is much more complicated than Terrrarium.

It is not surprising since Kodi is more sophisticated app than Terrarium. It has high profile compatibility for almost any device.

So, for you who hate technical detail, I recommend you Terrarium

#5. Legality

Kodi app itself rest assured legit, basically it is only media center app with no content in it. However, when it is installed with 3rd party add-on to stream movies, the legality status is the same as Terrarium TV.

Both app is in grey area where some countries have different point of view for streaming copyrighted content. While it is highly no one will sue you for streaming movies, I recommend you to use this app with your concern.

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