[Solved] Fix Super Mario Run Error 804-5100

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Fix Super Mario Run Error 804-5100

Guide to fix error 804-5100 playing Super Mario Run on rooted android smartphone. Run your Mario without any problem with this simple steps.

Nintendo – finally brings its legendary game Super Mario Run on Android device. New design, new graphic, new improved Super Mario, this version totally overhaul the original. However, you can still get the nostalgic experience on this Super Mario Run. The old green pipes, bricks break and a lot of coins still in place.

Super Mario constantly run along the course jumping over the pits while collecting coins to save the princess. You will run through different path consist of various terrain, caverns, plains, castles, haunted house and more. The background sound will bring back all your childhood memories.

Three different modes are waiting for you. World tour where Mario Run non stop avoiding pits and obstacles to save the princess from long lasting enemy, Bowser. Toad rally is one mode where you can challenge other players to perform most stylish action with the toad crowd cheering around. With kingdom builder mode, you can design your own kingdom using the coins and reward from the bonus you got from other two modes.

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Super Mario Run Unable to Run on Rooted Android Device

Nintendo is one developer that is strict to its users. Just like Pokemon Go that suffers from unable to authenticate things when played on rooted device, unfortunately the same case happens to Super Mario Run.

Fix Super Mario Run Error 804-5100
Error 804-5100

You will immediately get the ‘error 804-5100’ as soon as you launched Super Mario Run on rooted device. Although getting your original stock firmware will solve the case, many users will find this is too much to do. So, here we will help you to solve the problem with minimum effort as much as possible without re-flashing device to original android firmware.

This is one simple way to fix Super Mario Run error 804-5100 on rooted android device.

Fix Super Mario Run Error 804-5100

  1. First, make sure Super Mario Run installed on your rooted Android device.
  2. Force close Super Mario Run using the task manager. To do this head to Settings>Apps now find Super Mario Run, tap it then Force Stop
  3. Using a your default file manager (ES File Explorer or Root Explorer work too) head to this folder: /data/data/com.nintendo.zara/deviceAccount:xml
  4. Now delete deviceAccount:xml
  5. Relaunch Super Mario Run, you will be asked to setup the account, do it.
  6. And done. Error 804-5100 will no longer appear.

That is how you fix Super Mario Run error 804-5100. Now you will be able to play it on rooted android smartphone. If you find this guide useful, don’t forget to share

Additional Support Code Error:

Error support code 804-9174: Cannot purchase the full game

  • Devices impacted: all android devices
  • Cause: Google Account required
  • Fix: Create and login with your Google Account

Make sure you have google account and logged in your device

Error support code:804-3905: No associated Nintendo account

  • Devices impacted: all android devices
  • Cause: unknown
  • Fix: Set up your Nintendo account after install.

10 thoughts on “[Solved] Fix Super Mario Run Error 804-5100

  1. My device is not rooted, i get the error, but , the mario folder is on android/data/ , but then theres no deviceAccount:xml in it.

    1. I think you misplaced the location with /data/com.nintendo.zara where it should be data/data/com.nintendo.zara (head to folder “data” then again find subfolder “data” in it)

  2. I am using Bluestacks emulator, and this solution works temporarily. Later on the error appears again. I tried to debug the game in Android Studio, and this appeared in the log the moment the error showed up:

    04-06 13:42:41.640 1424-1444/? E/Drm: Failed to open plugin directory /vendor/lib/mediadrm
    04-06 13:42:41.640 3271-3567/? W/DG.WV: Widevine DRM not supported on this device
    android.media.UnsupportedSchemeException: Failed to instantiate drm object.
    at android.media.MediaDrm.native_setup(Native Method)
    at android.media.MediaDrm.(MediaDrm.java:163)
    at mog.a(:com.google.android.gms:122)
    at mkz.run(:com.google.android.gms:1095)
    at jmz.run(:com.google.android.gms:450)
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1112)
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:587)
    at jrk.run(:com.google.android.gms:17)
    at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:841)
    04-06 13:42:42.860 3271-3281/? W/Settings: Setting install_non_market_apps has moved from android.provider.Settings.Secure to android.provider.Settings.Global.
    04-06 13:42:43.300 3409-3413/? D/dalvikvm: GC_CONCURRENT freed 861K, 25% free 3372K/4488K, paused 0ms+10ms, total 20ms
    04-06 13:42:43.650 1424-1443/? W/audio_hw_primary: out_write() limiting sleep time 67617 to 46439
    04-06 13:42:44.000 2279-2927/? I/GoogleURLConnFactory: Using platform SSLCertificateSocketFactory
    04-06 13:42:44.010 1764-1768/? D/dalvikvm: GC_CONCURRENT freed 1525K, 20% free 6879K/8528K, paused 1ms+1ms, total 55ms
    04-06 13:42:45.240 1764-2103/? D/dalvikvm: GC_FOR_ALLOC freed 1417K, 20% free 6896K/8528K, paused 37ms, total 40ms
    04-06 13:42:45.410 2138-2141/? D/dalvikvm: GC_CONCURRENT freed 1411K, 32% free 5032K/7332K, paused 4ms+2ms, total 27ms

    1. Widevine DRM is related to software protection. It seems (if i am not mistaken) you are using the latest super mario run 2.0.1 update on April 4 2017 (updated 2 days ago) which maybe, they got this hole patched. If my assumption is correct, you can try download and play using previous Mario version 2.0.0 (before 4 april)

      1. Yes I got this error with the new update. I will try to play the previous version and see if I get the same error.

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