Snatch 2.0.0 APK Download Latest Version for Android: Real Cash Stealing Augmented Reality Game

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Augmented reality game with new concept and rules of playing. Snatch is the first game that allows you to get real cash and prize you can redeem.

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Platform: Android

Requires: 4.2 and up

File Size: 75MB

Developer: Snatch HQ

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Snatch: Do What You Shouldn’t Do, Stealing!

Player mission is collecting parcel or swag that will randomly placed on neighborhood using virtual augmented reality and Geo tag location (like you hunt Pokemon). Users are given the chance to win exclusive prizes from the coolest brands, including real cash. And the next is the most exciting, thrilling mission on this game.

Once this parcel opened, and whoever players able to keep it on their possession for 6 hours, they will allowed to claim and redeem the prize. However, in that 6 hours duration, other players mission is to SNATCH and reclaim the parcel possession.

To make the game exciting, Snatch algorithm makes sure there are always other players to snatch from. And if you are in current possession of the parcel, there are ‘safe houses’ where you can protect for up to an hour.

Snatch Parcels, Swags, Prizes, and Real Cash

The swag contains various price tag items. For UK version, those include free meals and streaming service subscriptions to Sky TV’s Now TV. The parcels will be vary for each cities, and will be updated. In-app purchase is one of placement for the swag and will be paid back to players as rewards.

There are also places registered as Snatch retail partner. You can get discount or coupon for checking in in those places.

After UK, Snatch made its American debut at the South by Southwest conference in Austin. Players at the show are currently competing for prizes ranging from backpacks and beauty products to free avocados for life and $50,000 in startup funding.

While the game still available in several cities, Snatch will be roll out in deliberate pace. They will mix a town or two, and make it way to combine the larger area.

Snatch Is The Future of Gaming

Undeniably, this augmented reality is one of future gaming should be. Take a look the hype of Pokemon go. Future game will be set in real environment, where you blend both physical and virtual involving all of your senses. Much more exciting than just stick to your seat with monitor and keyboard.

Snatch holds a huge potential as one of worthy competitor for Pokemon Go. It has leaps and bounds on its debut, and its growing.

Download Snatch APK for Android Latest Version

Although your city might not currently fully supported Snatch(especially for prize redeem and retail partners), you can try this app by downloading the APK file and install it on your phone.

We provide the direct download for the Snatch APK file installer from Google Drive, hence you will get faster parallel and resume-able download.

If you have any problem download Snatch APK for Android, don’t hesitate to comment down below. You can alway get the latest updated version in this page, so keep us in touch.

Snatch APK 2.0.0 latest version

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