How to Secure WhatsApp Account with Two Step Verification

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Secure WhatsApp Account with Two Step Verification

New update to secure WhatsApp account with two step verification is now available. It allows you to add password and email to your registered number.

WhatsApp known as the most popular and most secure chat messenger worldwide. Many companies and industries trust WhatsApp security with its end-to-end encryption for their daily conversation. And now they take their security to the higher level with new two step verification added.

Right after launching WhatsApp video call feature worldwide, WhatsApp added two step verification for the latest update.

This feature prevents other user to re-register the same number you had, in case you lost your sim-card or your number being recycled due long inactivity.

In other word, when someone tries to register using your old number then he need to provide the password you had set.

Enable Secure WhatsApp Account with Two Step Verification

Make sure you have the latest WhatsApp update and follow steps below to enable this feature.

1. First, open WhatsApp on your device

2. Tap vertical three dots icon on top right corner (android) and tap Setting for IOS

3. Next, select Account » Two-step verification then tap on the ENABLE button.

4. Enter six digits password on the available form then tap Next

5. Re-enter the six digits password for confirmation then tap Next

6. Now, Enter your email address. This email will be used to reset password in case you forget.

7. You will see Two-step verification enabled confirmation. Tap “Done” button and you are set

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This two step verification once done will protect your account from being misused. Well, especially if you are too lazy to change your WhatsApp account phone number if yo have a new one. Share it to your friends to make their account more secure.

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