Scream Go! 8 Note Tips, Tricks and Guide

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Scream Go 8 Notes Tips and Guide
Scream Go 8 Notes

Guide, tips and, tricks playing Scream Go 8 Notes. Various strategies to get high score on this recently popular voice pitch controller game

No button, no swift key, no controller, all you need is your voice. Scream Go! 8 Note is a new concept of game. Basically, this game needs you to move forward, do little jump or big jump avoiding the pit, enemies or obstacles. And what makes this game different from other, Scream Go! 8 Note uses your voice pitch to control its movements.

Move the walking-note(Yatsumi) with a little pitch voice, and scream to make it jump. Seems really difficult challenging isn’t it :D. Don’t worry, we will give you some tips to play this game.

Scream Go! 8 Note Tips #1 Control Your Breath

Scream Go! 8 Note needs you to constantly change your volume pitch. In many cases, you may experienced what did, forgot to breath. So keep this in mind, to move, just make a little voice just like when you are talking, or mumbling and then scream immediately for jumping. Do this practice and keep your breathing under control.

Scream Go! 8 Note Tips #2 Keep Your Phone as Close as Possible

While maintaining the comfortable distance to play, you need to keep your phone as close as possible. You need this to avoid unnecessary wasted voice volume when you scream. So, keep the phone’s microphone close to your mouth while you see the screen. The most effective way is by using your microphone from your headset.

Scream Go! 8 Note Tips #3 Do Not Rush

There is no time limit, be patient. Make a slow step using little voice till the edge of pit then scream. With this you will make longer jump for larger pit.

Scream Go! 8 Note Tips #4 Tell People Around that You Are Playing Scream Go! 8 Note

It is highly recommended! do tell your family and friends that you are playing this game and you need to scream to play it. Otherwise, you may look like a weird, crazy or having unstable emotion do all screaming and mumbling over your phone. Happy playing 😀

Download Scream Go! 8 Note

Get Scream Go! 8 Note from PlayStore for android and iTunes for iOS, or if you want the latest version pure APK file you can get from this page Scream Go! 8 Note APK Download

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