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Fix Playbox HD not working

Here is how to fix Playbox HD not working. Solve errors such as can’t get link to play, Playbox HD can’t get stream or error while loading movie.

PlayBox HD is an online media player which offers you free movies streaming, TV shows, and TV channel for free. This app is available for various devices such as Windows, Android and iOS.

Unfortunately many Playbox HD users complaining about some errors they encounter while using this app. Here are the list of common errors on Playbox HD.

  • Sorry There Was an Error Encountered While Loading This Movie.
  • PlayBox HD Crashing/Not Opening/We Can’t get this Link to Play.
  • Playbox Hd Can’t Get Stream.

Now we will fix each error one by one, and solve your PlayBox HD not working issue.

Fix PlayBox HD Not Working Issue

Here are the common errors you find in Playbox HD and how to solve them

#Sorry There Was an Error Encountered While Loading This Movie

  1. Launch PlayBox HD(on Android, iOS or PC)
  2. Head to Settings -> General Settings -> Date and Time.
  3. Change you automatic time and date settings then set it on manual.
  4. Now set your date to exact [01-01-2015].
  5. Close your PlayBox HD app and open it again.

That is how to solve Playbox HD error “Sorry There Was an Error Encountered While Loading This Movie on PlayBox HD”

#Fix We Can’t get this Link to Play Error on PlayBox HD

This is a tricky tips you can do to fix “Can’t get this Link to Play Error”. I found this error quite troublesome for a while and keep popping up all the time. Fortunately there is an easy way to solve this:

  1. First, close your Playbox HD app then set your device on Airplane mode..
  2. Now open PlayBox HD then Tap on General Settings-> 3G Services -> Turn off Wi-Fi.
  3. Then, close PlayBox HD app again and now Turn OFF Airplane Mode. 
  4. Open the app and head over to settings and Turn on WiFi services.

Now you wont facing error “We Can’t get this Link to Play” on Playbox

#Fix Playbox Hd Can’t Get Stream Error on PlayBox HD

PlayBox HD app as the name suggest, it plays HD movies for default. Unfortunately, not all movies are available in HD format. That is why this kind of error occurred. Here is how to fix “PlayBox HD Can’t get Stream” problem:

  1. Launch your PlayBox HD, Tap on the movie you want to play.
  2. If you see a pop up says ”Movie Loading Problem An Unknown error occurred (-12668)” on loaded movie, tap “OK” and stay on the current screen.
  3. See on the right-bottom corner app, you’ll see a menu “720p“. Tap on it then select a lower the video quality.

    Playbox HD not working-movie loading problem2
    Tap 720 button then select available video quality format

That is how to fix various errors for your PlayBox HD not working issue. If you encountered another error, don’t hesitate to commend down below. Share if you find this post useful.

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