Mobile Legends Tips: Most useful tips to win game on Mobile Legends MOBA

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Mobile Legends tipsThis is the list of useful Mobile Legends tips appeared before match. Important tips to increase your winning change playing this popular MOBA mobile game

Whether you are new player or long term fans of Mobile Legends this list of tips will be very useful for you. The tips below come from official Mobile Legends that usually appear before your match.

Here I have listed them for your so you can easily access and read the whole tips at once.

I am also a fan of Mobile Legends. I regularly play this game for hours each day and have been caught by the excitement playing with my friends.

My level have just raised to Grand Master last week in about 100 matches. So, I think have got my privilege writing down my own tips base on my experience playing this game. I will add at the end of article.

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Most Useful Mobile Legends Tips and Guide

Tip 1: This game is about destroying towers. So don’t get too caught up in your number of kills. Destroying the enemy’s base is the true victory

Tip 2: There are 7 tiers that can be reached in ranked Game: Warrior, Elite, Master, Grandmaster, Epic, Legend, and Glorious Legend

Tip 3: You can use the battle spell Flicker to escape transcending terrain barriers. Flicker will unlock at account level of 19.

Tip 4: Seize the opportunity in deal more damage when enemies are targeting at your allies.

Tip 5: Choose the aiming method in system options according to your own habits. It will help you attack right targets more easily.

Tip 6: Quitting the game in the middle of battle will reduce your credit score

Tip 7: After killing the Lord, he will march towards the lane to attack in which enemy turrets are less and weaker. Develop your tactics wisely!

Tip 8: You can watch the death review when wailing for resurrecting, which can help you to know your enemies better.

Tip 9: Utilize turrets to gain advantages when 1 v 2

Tip 10: Tap the toothed gear button next to the mini map and open the game settings page. You can change settings according to your own habits.

Tip 11: Unique Passive: with the same equipment, only one’s unique passive can be taken onto effect. Choose your equipment wisely.

Tip 12: Things in bushes become hidden. You can take advantage of this to ambush enemies or make escapes.

Tip 13: AFK or quitting battles will reduce your credit score. Too low a credit score will make you unable to play the ranked game.

Tip 14: A national flag will show up when all players of a team are human the same region. Yet it doesn’t mean mat they are an organized team of 5.

Tip 15: Don’t forget to choose a Battle Spell after you’ve chosen your hero

Tip 16: In the early game, turrets are the strongest units. Don’t step in their attack range without consideration.

Tip 17: The items and hero trial card that you receive are restored in your Bag

Tip 18: Every hero has a passive ability. So don’t forget to make use of it

Tip 19: This is a game particular about cooperation. A proper line up will increase your chances to win greatly

Tip 20: Recommended equipment is best for newbies.

Tip 21: Choosing a more suitable equipment set can help you win the battle more easily

Tip 22: In the selection page you can also change/buy hero skins!

Tip 23: Seize me opportunity to deal more damage when enemies are targeting at your allies.

Tip 24: You can watch the death review when waiting for resurrecting, which can help you to know your enemies better.

Tip 25: When you don’t no know what you should do, go clean the lane or kill jungle monster

Tip 26: Killing the Spinner and the Reaper will give you BUFFS to enhance your power and help you gain advantages.

Tip 27: Choosing Lowest HP mode as your targeting method, your hero will give priority in targeting enemy with lowest HP percentage

Tip 28: Don’t forget to login and get your free chest every day!

Tip 29: You can upgrade Emblems. view battle spells, check and change recommended gear sets in ‘Prep’.

Tip 30: Advanced controls mode in system settings can provide you some more advanced method to control

Tip 31: The more emblem sets you unlock the more emblem fragments there will be in chest!

Tip 32: There are different types of heroes. When using Supports or Tanks. you should focus on teamwork more. Getting assist is pretty good too

Additional Mobile Legend Tips

  • It is recommended to play with your known close friends as they will respect the on going battle. Random friend is to risky for playing ranked game. You won’t know if they will give up in the middle of battle or AFK (there are a lot of this type of players and keep complaining about other teammates).
  • Gold is important for this game, there are number of gold sources you can get. The most plentiful gold source is killing minion, kill enemy’s hero and next is killing turtle. Although jungle monster also good source of gold, I prefer minions as there are many of them, easy to kill and hold more gold.
  • Alucard combo is recommended to use in crowd enemies, or else it will be a waste.
  • Use Yun Zhao ulti to ambush on going 1 v 1 battle helping your mate. Yun Zao ulti allows you to speeding, this why you have to run up and down to help your friend or ambush the exploring enemy. Keep your eye on the mini map to get this opportunity.
  • Hide to the bush frequently
  • Don’t force yourself helping your trapped friend when you are facing large number of enemies. Think before you dive into the crowd or else you just end up feeding them with more gold to level up.
  • Stay together when enemies skill already leveled up (about 3000 gold)
  • More teamwork
  • Use fake recall to drag out the enemies then let your hiding friends to ambush and finish him. Pretend you are on the defending position to lure the enemy out of their turret and get ready to ambush.
  • At initial crowded battle, place the Tanker at front to force them using their stun and ability. Then fighter dive to execute their best damaging move. Make sure your fighter release all the abilities before it gets killed.
  • When you are in defending position such as waiting the march of slayed lord by enemies, make sure to defend on your turret area (little turret on the lane). After the lord hitting your turret, don’t attach the Lord but lock to your enemies. Don’t waste your ability for killing the Lord, you will be a sitting duck for your enemies.
  • Make sure to attack the Lord or Turtle together. If there is an ambush you will get slayed and enemies take over the last hit
  • Don’t attack the lord at early game and make sure you are in a safe condition for doing so. Usually after 4 or all enemies killed.
  • Most favorable team using Estes as healer/support
  • Healer/Support (usually Estes) is the one you should kill first.
  • Don’t lock tank first bust the most damaging fighter/ranged attack enemies.
  • You can use attacking skill to escape from enemy for example Alucard first skill and Freya. Just aim the skill to the way you are running.

That is the list of the most useful tips on playing Mobile Legends MOBA. Got other tips based on your experience you want to add? Don’t hesitate to comment down below

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