Increase Download Speed Using Google Drive

Increase download speed

Simple useful trick to increase download speed up to 200% without software needed. You will get faster download speed from your Google Drive for free.

Download speed can be affected by two major factors. The first is your internet connection speed. This factor determine how much your internet speed can handle the received file coming from server.

Second important factor is the server speed itself. If the source of your file is coming from slow, crowded server with no parallel download option, no matter how fast internet access you may have it will be a waste.

Here we have tips to increase download speed caused by a slow server.

Google Drive to Increase Download Speed

Here we come with the trick to increase download speed by moving your files from slow server to free fast server, Google Drive. By moving your files from original server to your Google Drive you will get fast, parallel and resume-able download connection.

Google Drive provides you free account to store your files up to 15GB. As we know, even for free account, Google has reliable fast server for their hosting. This feature can be useful part of our trick to increase download speed for your files.

Increase download speed - comparison
Download speed comparison. First download is from original file server and second download is from Google Drive.

Step by Step How to Increase Download Speed

1. First, login to your Google Drive account with your browser, we will need it later.
2. Next, get your download link address of your files.

If you already get the download link by simply copy it, you can skip this step and  move to step 4. Here is the example downloading file from filehippo server and I use IDM download managerincrease download speed-img1

3. Pause your download and copy the download link

increase download speed-img4

4. Next, visit then click authenticate with your Google Drive account.

increase download speed-img5

increase download speed-img6
You are now authenticated

5. Paste your download link into available form. In addition, you can enter your email address to get the report, its optional.

increase download speed-img7

6. Click Upload then wait for few secs to finish. Transfer file between cloud server will be really fast, here 30MB will take about 1-2 seconds.

increase download speed-img9
Moving file to Google Drive finished

7. Back to your Google Drive Account and see the file there.

Your file is already on your Google Drive
Right click and chose download

You can see the speed difference after downloading the file from Google Drive

Downloading file from Google Drive

Now you will get faster download speed by downloading your file from Google Drive. Share it to your friends if you find this tips is useful.

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