Hulu Error Code 5005 | How to Fix

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Hulu error code 5005

This is a useful attempt to fix Hulu error code 5005. Get a better understanding why this error occurred and how to solve it

What is Hulu?

Hulu is a video streaming service that offers various video content such as movies, TV shows and TV channels. Unlike Youtube, Hulu has partnership with large entertainment companies such as Warner Bros, MGM, Sony Pictures etc.

Hulu also has a joint venture of Fox entertainment, ABC and NBC Universal. With those wide range entertainment backers, Hulu allows you watch premium video content for monthly fee.

Hulu Error Code 5005 | How to Fix

Recently, many Hulu users encounter an error message when trying to access their service through their app. The “Hulu Error Code 5005” keeps appearing on the screen.

So, what we can do about it?

First thing to do if you encounter this error is to make sure you get the latest information of Hulu current status. If the service is down, there will be nothing much you can do except waiting for the maintenance is finished.

The fastest way to get the latest information from Hulu is by following their Twitter acount.

So, if you are using their Hulu service, it is a wise to follow their Twitter account.

Hulu Error Code 5005 mostly caused by user associated account, so there is nothing much you can do from client side. However, some users find step below is helpful to make sure your account is correctly signed in.

Check your account status on

  1. Check your Hulu account on this page
  2. If there is an alert on your account, follow the instructions given to watch Hulu again.

Clear the Hulu cookie from your web browser

  1. Clear your cookies browser. This will force you logout from your current Hulu account.
  2. Now, re-login your Hulu account, sign in and enter your email and password.
  3. Try Hulu again.

If the problem persist you can directly contact Hulu customer support and ask for their help.

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