How to Download Video on Facebook from Android/PC

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Download Video on Facebook

Try this tricks how to download video on Facebook from Phone or PC. With this simple steps you can download video from Facebook with no software needed.

Facebook feature allows you to share and watch any video. Sometimes, you find an interesting video on your Facebook wall shared by your friends.

But, the problem begins when you decide to download and save the video.

Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t provide you simple download button to download video. That is why we are going to show you how to download video on Facebook whether using your phone or PC.

Download Video on Facebook from Android/PC

Previously, I posted tutorial How to Find Out Who Visited Your Facebook Profile now I am going to explain how to download Facebook video either using your smartphone or using your PC/laptop.

Follow steps below carefully

  • Download Video on Facebook with your Android Phone

    Facebook for mobile Android phone already has integrated download option for video. You can simply play the video and pause it.

    You will see download icon on the bottom-right of your video. Click it and video download will be started.

    Download Video on Facebook-right click video-mobile version
    Facebook mobile version

    Another way, tap and hold the currently playing video. And you will see pop up option “Download video“. Tap on it and the video will be downloaded.

    Download Video on Facebook-right click video-mobile version1
    Tap and hold to download
  • Download Video on Facebook with your PC/Laptop

    Facebook not yet provides download video feature for PC/Laptop. However there is work around to do it.

    Here, you need to use Facebook mobile feature to download the video from PC. Follow steps below

    1. Play your video and pause it. Next, right click on the video select “Show  video URL” then copy the URL.
      Download Video on Facebook-right click video
      Right Click then select “Show video URL”

      Download Video on Facebook-copy URL
      Copy the video URL
    2. Next, paste your URL on the address bar browser. Now, change “https://www” to “m” then press enter.
      Download Video on Facebook-edit URL1
      Replace “https://www”

      Download Video on Facebook-Edit URL2
      Replace with “m”
    3. You will see the video displayed on Facebook mobile version.

      Download Video on Facebook-Mobile version Video
      Video Displayed on Facebook Mobile version
    4. Play it. Different browsers will act differently, here is how
      • Firefox
        If you are using Firefox, then new tab will be opened and video played. What you need to do is right click on the video then select “Save video as“.
        Then, enter video name and folder location and download will be started.Download Video on Facebook-Download Option
      • Chrome
        Chrome acts the same as Firefox but open the video on current tab. To download, just do the same step above.
      • Internet Explorer
        In your Internet explorer, all you need to is step 1 and step 2. Just replace the “https://www” to “m” then click the video. Your download will be started automatically.

Note: If you have third party download manager such as IDM integrated in your browser, you will download the video through it.

Wrapping up: How to Download Video on Facebook from Android/PC

To download video on Facebook from android or PC all you need is simple trick. Just omit “https://www” and replace it with “m” on the address bar.

By using phone mode on Facebook, you will easily locate the download link. Then you can save it in your local storage.

Hope this article is useful for you. Don’t forget to share, if face any problem you may comment down below.

This tutorial also available in video format, check it

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