How to Charge Your Phone Faster

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How to charge your phone faster-featured
How to charge your phone faster

Try this must known tips to charge your phone faster. You can get full charge of your battery only within less than an hour

Forgot to charge your phone at night and have only few minutes to charge your phone before going out? Then this tips is useful for you.

Your battery keeps powering your phone although in idle state. Most of the power consumed for background process app such us internet connection, messenger apps, other background services.

The best and most efficient way to charge is by focusing your external power source only for charging.

Tips to Charge Your Phone Faster

1. Turn off your phone while charging

This is the best way to charge your phone. Your battery only receive the input power with no output. The most efficient and fastest way to refill your battery power. Moreover, this charging method will prevent your battery from aging and losing its durability.

2. Charge your phone in battery saver mode

Similar with the first tips, not the most efficient way but you still be able to use your phone and internet access while charging. Battery saver mode restrict your power source for doing unnecessary task such as screen saver.

3. Use airplane mode

How to charge your phone faster-air plane mode
Airplane Mode

Two most power consuming for phone are the screen display and network signal. By turning your phone on airplane mode your battery charging will be more efficient. If you need internet access, use WiFi instead of broadband network.

4. Always use the right charger

It is highly recommended to use your original charger from your phone manufacturer. Original charger is designed especially for your phone. Moreover, voltage and current output have been computed and set best for your phone.

5. Use high capacity power bank

How to charge your phone faster-power bank
High capacity power bank

High capacity power bank provides you better charging to eliminate risk of dropping voltage in process. Beside to prevent your battery to lose its durability, high capacity power bank is the most practical power source suit for outdoor activities.

6. Don’t charge from your USB laptop or PC

How to charge your phone faster-don't charge from laptop
Don’t charge from laptop

It is a bad idea to charge your phone using laptop or PC as power source. Laptop/PC USB has unstable voltage and it is unreliable external power for your phone. Moreover, unstable voltage will shorten your battery life. Talk about battery you can read how to extend your laptop battery life.

That is all the tips to charge your phone faster. Turn your phone off while charging when you are in a rush. Base of my experience, phone with no fast charging utility with 4000Mh battery will gain 50% in 15 minutes from full discharge. Hope this tips is useful for you, don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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