How to Backup Kodi Data and Setting Before Upgrade

Learn how to backup Kodi data and setting before upgrade. Easy steps to prevent losing installed add-on, subtitle setting and your favorite playlist on Kodi

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How to back up Kodi

Kodi has just released the latest version 17 with the codename “Krypton”. Many changes and excellent features are added for this version. From user interface, personal recording video, easy customized playlist and so on.

As a regular user you must not think twice to update from V16.1 Jarvis to V17 Krypton. However, there are things to consider before doing so.

One of important aspect is the system requirement which is new for Kodi Krypton. And another one is your current Kodi data and setting that will be erased after upgrade, especially for PC user.

To prevent losing your Kodi data and setting, one of the easiest way is to back up with available add-ons program. With this, you can restore your Kodi profiles later on. You can keep your media playlist, subtitle setting including your login data, and all your third party add-ons.

If you don’t know how to backup Kodi data and setting then follow instructions below

How to Backup Kodi Data and Setting

Backing up data and setting including your profiles on Kodi is relatively easy. There are some ways to do it. You can backup your data manually or by installing third party add-ons program.

In this session we will cover how to use add-ons for backup, because this is the simplest and the easiest way. Here is how

Note that we use Kodi V16.1 Jarvis for the guide since Krypton has just been recently released. So, this tutorial will help you to back up your data before update to Krypton

  1. Launch your Kodi, on the Home page, click PROGRAMS > Get More. Now, scroll down and find Backup then click it

    How to back up Kodi data-Program add-ons-Backup
    Backup addon
  2. Next, click install to start Backup service

    How to back up Kodi data-Program add-ons-backup install
  3. Now, wait for the download progress and installation. A notification will pop-up

    How to back up Kodi data-Backup enabled
    Backup Installation completed
  4. Next, press backspace on your keyboard to head back to the previous tab. Here you will see Backup add-on on the list. Click Backup > Open settings
    How to back up Kodi data-open setting
    Select local folder to store the backup

    You will see small window like above. Now click on the up/down arrow multiple times till Remote Path type menu appears. Next, click Browse Remote Path.

    There will be your local drive letter including its folder. Now, browse to folder you want to save the back up file. You can also create new folder by selecting New folder. If you done, Click OK.

  5. Now, once again select Backup > Backup and your backing up process will be started. Wait till its finished. You can check the back up file by clicking Restore or you can check manually on your drive folder.

    How to back up Kodi data-Backup restore
    Backup files to restore
  6. To restore the back up, all you need to do is install the Backup service on your new version Kodi just like the steps above. Then, to restore the back up, click the restore then browse to the folder where your save the back up file and click restore. DONE
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