How to Access Blocked Websites from Android Device

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Access blocked websites from android

Try these tricks to access blocked websites from android device. With or without installing additional app work even on unrooted device

How to access blocked website from android? This is quite a common question from many users when surfing the internet. It must be annoying that your internet service provider (ISP) blocks websites you want to visit. Often for school administrators or public WiFi connections restricted their access to particular websites due censorship.

Internet censorship has become a big issue nowadays. Many people and organizations against this activity since violate the right to access public information. Web-Censorship only gives users less freedom to access valuable information from the internet.

Here we are going to share tips and tricks how to overcome this issue and unblock the restricted access any website from your android device. The most effective way to access blocked website is by using a proxy server.

How Proxy Works?

You can access blocked website using proxy or VPN. Proxy or VPN works as an intermediator between your connection and host server on your requested website. Here, your requests from an android browser are redirected to proxy server, then will pass your requests to website server you want to visit. By doing this, technically you will control the proxy to do the browsing activity for you.

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How to Access Blocked Websites from Android without Software

Actually, the available android browser such as Google Chrome or Opera for Mobile already has this capability with their data saver option. Data saver works similar to a proxy server. Google will filter the content and compress any possible data before pass it for you.

This is the first tips to access blocked website from your android without installing any additional third party app. Here steps to do it.

Note that for the first method works only on http:// websites not secured website https://.

To turn ON data saver option on your Google Chrome go to Setting

  1. Go for Option on the top right corner

    access blocked websites from android - chrome-data-saver-img1
    Chrome for mobile option
  2. Scroll down and tap for setting

    access blocked websites from android - chrome-data-saver-img2
  3. Scroll down again and tap Data Saver

    access blocked websites from android - chrome-data-saver-img3
    Select data saver
  4. Turn On data saver

    access blocked websites from android - chrome-data-saver-img4
    Turn On data saver

Turn On data saver to access blocked website. If you happen the data saver has been turned on and the website is still blocked, try to turn OFF and ON again then reload the page (sometimes you need to close chrome browser and reopen), this is the trick to doing it. Same with Opera for Mobile, turn on the data saver to access blocked websites.

From the day this article posted, the method is work fine. If you happen unable to do so, move to the next tips to do it.

How to Access Blocked Websites from Android using Betternet VPN App without Root

You can Install VPN service app for android to access blocked website. It works either for http:// or https://. Many VPN apps are available on Google Play, mostly the come with free and premium version.

One of the best free VPN app for android is Betternet. You can install Betternet even on your unrooted device. If you go for the free version, you still can get a decent speed that enough for normal browsing activity and streaming.

With this app, any connection made by other apps will also get through this VPN tunnel. Hence, it offers you protection when you access unsecured connection such as public WiFi.

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  1. Open your BetterNet from your android

    access blocked websites from android-betternet-vpn-img1
    Betternet not connected
  2. Tap connect and you will see a pop-up message, check “I trust this application” and tap OK.

    access blocked websites from android-betternet-vpn-img2
    Betternet asking permission
  3. Wait for few seconds and now you are connected.

    access blocked websites from android-betternet-vpn-img3
    Betternet is connected and ready to use

To download Betternet for Windows, Chrome browser, and iOS you can visit

Now you can start your browsing with BetterNet VPN to access blocked websites.

Tutorial in video format for betternet apk, check it

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