Google AdSense: Ads Suddenly Appear Blank on Website May 2019 (Why?-updated)

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Blank Ads – Adsense performance report
Blank Ads – Adsense performance report

May 2019, many publishers affiliated with Google AdSense complained about their ads suddenly appear blanks, not shown on their websites.

Strangely, most of them got no further explanation about this problem. No email, notification and no message received from Google.

If you are here for the same reason, I recommend you to bookmark this page to get an updated news related to this AdSense blank ads problem. Alas this website ( is one of them.

All started on May 24th 2019. Unusual report displayed on AdSense dashboard. The comparison between page views and ads impression seems irrelevant. In about 500 page views, there is only about 10 to 20 ads impression.

It obviously means the ads rarely or never shown when users visit this website.

In this article I am going to investigate and analyze why the problem occurred, what attempts I have done and I will provide reliable data from other sources.

Before we going any further, you must clearly have followed the guideline from official Google forum about Ads not showing

Does Blank Ads Related to Adsense Account?

My account Policy center – no violation

Mostly yes for other cases, but not this time. My AdSense account shown no policy violation, as well as other publishers (Base on this thread from AdSense Google forum).

Various comments from AdSense Forum Community

The thread is started by Gold Product Expert which is a trusted members in Google forum who are knowledgeable and active contributors. Up until this article posted, the replies have reached 156 comments and goes up.

No violation status

There, you can read various comments from publisher which suffer the same “fate”. They also give exact the same info about their account status with no violation whatsoever.

Blank Ads Related to Website or Domain?

For this point still no clear answer. I can only give pointer from one of the member about his email reply from Google staff from feedback. Here is what they said:

Google feedback for the blank ads

The feedback clearly stated that the website is the problem and traffic source as the main cause.

Traffic quality is one of the main requirement in affiliating with Google AdSense program. The website must have organic visitors and not from some robot or jingling.

This is due protecting an advertisement environment for the advertiser. And keep the AdSense platform reliable for advertising.

However, this answer seems irrelevant for this website. The traffic mostly come from organic users such as Google search and Bing.

I can only assume the Google algorithm is increasing the minimum requirements for website to be seen worthy for showing their ads. But still, the “demand” is unclear.

My Various Attempts to Fix AdSense Blank Ads

While waiting for clear explanation from Google. I have done some experiments and double check the AdSense code implementation. And make sure to follow Adsense guideline about ads not showing from their official guideline.

1. Re-check the Ads Code Implementation on Website Page/post.

This to make sure the code is correctly implemented on your website.

Avoid any other tag such as <br> <p> between the <insert>code.

<br> appear automatically in code

Commonly for WordPress users, the code they paste is changed automatically after shifting between HTML mode and Visibility Mode while editing article.

To avoid this problem, update your WordPress to version 5.x.x and paste your code by adding Block – custom HTML. Paste your code and it will appear exactly the same as your copy from your AdSense Account.

Custom HTML block in wordpress

My code, obviously correctly implemented.

2. Check AdSense Account for any Violation

To do this, login to Adsense Account. Then go to Home – Account – Policy Center. Make sure there is no violation warning detected.

Here in my case, got no violation issue.

3. Change Ads Unit Style

I have done this one too, to make sure the ads is not blending with the background color on my website.

4. Turn On and Off Autoads

This attempt to make sure whether the problem lays on Auto ads or not.

Auto ads uses Artificial Intelligence to place Ads in the most appropriate location on the page. It says that the placement based on its algorithm from the user behavior data collected.

5. Changing the Ads Balance Hoping for the Unexpected Happen

This is my random attempt since other methods seem didn’t work. Trying to reduce the ads balance from 100% to 90%. By heading to AdSense, Home – Ads Balance.

This feature originally for filtering any low CPC ads to show. Hence, the Google will reduce the ads showing on website.

Why I done this. The effect surely will worsen the problem? Who knows

Answer from Google Employee About Ads Disappearance

Finally one of the Google employee gave an reply to the same thread related to blank ads problem. Here is what he said

Reply from Google

According to his statement, the cause of ads not showing for many publisher’s websites, is due to new algorithm update from Google to protect and improve the experience to create healthier environment for advertising.

Traffic quality become the main focus in this issue. It stated clearly that, if the AI unable to verify the quality of the traffic, they may limit or disable ad serving.

Conclusion (Updated)

As one of the Google employee gave an answer, we can conclude this issue is related to the traffic quality for the website. Not far from my earlier assumption the first time this article posted below.

There is still unclear explanation about the blank ads problem. The only certainty is that this issue not related to AdSense account for violation.

As for the possibility, seems related to the updating algorithm from Google to make sure you have higher quality traffic as the requirement.

Other methods stated above give me negative result.

I will immediately give you an update news here related this issue. For now lets see and wait.

5 thoughts on “Google AdSense: Ads Suddenly Appear Blank on Website May 2019 (Why?-updated)

  1. Thanks a lot for the update, this is a very strange updates, also it may be that their new upgrade do not work properly, because i am getting more than 20k pageviews daily via social and search engine and my adsense account is also affected too. i have the hope that you will help us and get the solution to fix this issue asap.

  2. Thanks a lot for the update
    I agreed with the ads.txt notice that I already had on the site
    2M pageviews 🙁

  3. Google censors stuff all the time and has worked to have a monopoly on many things regarding devices and the internet so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re demonetizing anyone who is a competitor to something they’re trying to do. But then I trust nothing or little of government or corporate entities. They’re usually out for the bottom line $$$ or power and control or all of the above.

    And their t&c allow them to do so legally and face few repercussions due to mandatory arbitration and waiver of class action suits clauses because people think they “have” to use their crap and don’t even bother reading the terms and conditions. And these are grown folks who should know better, not just 14 year olds.

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