How to Download YouTube Video Without Software

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Download YouTube without software

The easiest way to download YouTube video without software. Download YouTube video that works for all devices can be easily done with this simple steps.

YouTube is the largest and the most popular video sharing sites. Millions of videos, music, reviews and tutorial are available to watch for free. You can easily create a playlist for videos you want to watch or follow someone’s YouTube channel you are interested in.

Despite all cool features offered from YouTube, it has one drawback which is no available option to directly download a video to your device. Download video to watch later from YouTube, of course, will be useful for users that don’t have internet access all the time.

To download video from YouTube, you can use 3rd party apps available on the market. However, there is a simpler way to download YouTube video even without any software.

Download YouTube Video Without Software

To download YouTube video without any additional software can be easily done with this simple steps. I will explain methods to download your favorite YouTube video that works for all operating system and simply use built-in browser. Here the steps to do it

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1. First thing to do is get URL of video you want to download, then copy it

2. Next, visit from your browser and then paste your URL into available form then click the right arrow next to it


3. Wait for a moment and you will see the available format for you to download.


4. Click to download your chosen video format. Done

With this easy steps, you can download YouTube video from any device without additional software installed. is not the only site available for download video, here the other websites which offer the same service:


Some of the websites provide the capability to download video from other sources other than YouTube such as Vimeo, Metacafe etc. You can do the same step as mentioned above to download from other video sharing sites.

[UPDATED] Download YouTube Video without Software

There is a much simpler way to download video from YouTube. Although basically, the method is the same, it has simpler steps to do it. Here is how

This tips below available for and works only for the youtube video.

Another way to download youtube without software is by adding “ss” before “”. You will be brought to with your ready download video.

download YouTube video without
Add “ss” before
download YouTube video without software-savefrom.net1
Your new URL will be “….” then press enter

Another website with the same feature is Just do the similar step as above

Step 1. Get your video URL from YouTube just like shown below

download YouTube video without software-yout.com2
Open Youtube video you want to download

Step 2. Delete word “ube” from the address. Then press Enter

download YouTube video without software-yout.com1
Omit “ube” in the URL

Step 3. You will be brought to new address from pointing to your ready download video

download YouTube video without
Youtube video is ready to download

Step 4. Here you can choose 2 types of media file format. You will be able to download sound only (music mp3 file) or video (mp4). Each format has different qualities of sound and video, choose the best for your need.

Another cool feature, you can cut your video before download it, hence you will save your time and bandwidth. If you have made your choice, just click Record MP3/MP4 to start Download.

That is all about download YouTube video without software. Hope this quick tutorial is useful for you, don’t forget to share it with your friends 🙂

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