How to Control PC with Your Android

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Control PC with your android device

Learn how to control PC with your android device with few easy steps tutorial. With this feature you can now remote PC from anywhere with your phone

Controlling PC from distance sure is very cool idea to do. You can tell your office PC which has better internet speed to download large files from home just using android device.

Then, you can just copy them at the morning later on. With this method you can save your time and your bandwidth at home.

Here we will discuss detailed steps on how to control PC with your android.

Control PC Using TeamViewer: Remote App

TeamViewer is well known app for controlling any device from distance. This app available on many versions OS such as Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile, Windows 8, 7,  Ios and Android. To control PC with your android, you need to install TeamViewer on both devices.

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Controlling PC with your android using TeamViewer allows you to bring PC screen and displayed onto your android. You will able to freely remote your unattended PC including its mouse movement, keyboard mapping, and even shut it down. Here is to do it

1. First, download TeamViewer Remote Control and install on your android.


2. Next, Download and install TeamViewer for your PC. Then start it.

TeamViewer on PC

3. Now, open TeamViewer on your android. Then enter the ID and password of your PC desktop.

Enter TeamViewer ID of your PC
Enter TeamViewer password of your PC

4. You will see quick tutorial how to control mouse pointer using your android.


5. And done, you will see an entire PC screen on your android display. Now you are able to fully control your PC from your phone.

Desktop PC screen from Android Display
This is the controlled PC screen after connected to your android - control PC
This is the controlled PC screen after connected to your android

With those simple steps now you are able to control PC with your android using TeamViewer app. You can get other benefits from this app like helping your friend solve problem with her/his PC remotely from home. Share it if you find this tutorial useful for you 🙂

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