How to Clean Dirty RAM Memory Stick | Tips

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How to Clear Dirty RAM Memory Stick

Once for a while you must clean your PC desktop from dirt. This necessary maintenance to keep your PC component’s life longer.

Obstructed air flow will increase the temperature inside your case significantly. As the result, your PC may suffer from overheating and each component inside will have a shorter life. And the worst case, blue screen of death(BSOD) might occurred.

Cleaning your RAM stick will give you many benefits. Since this component is responsible for various tasks on your system, cleaning your RAM will prevent you from numbers of problem such as:

  • PC won’t start
  • No Display
  • Blue Screen of Death
  • System Freeze/Hang
  • Overheating that will slow down your PC

Here I am going to give you tips how to clean your RAM stick from dirt.

Tips to Clean Dirty RAM Memory Stick

☆1. Clean the gold colored RAM socket

How to Clear Dirty RAM Memory Stick-rubber eraser
Use soft rubber eraser

Grab a rubber eraser(a soft one) and rub horizontally the gold colored socket. Do this carefully without damaging any other component.

Soft rubber made material such as eraser will do the job excellently to clean the dirt and any substance that stick on your RAM.

☆2. RAM upper body part cleaning

How to Clear Dirty RAM Memory Stick-Alcohol to clean
Use alcohol and cotton buds to clean the upper part

To clean the upper part of RAM, I suggest you to use Isopropyl alcohol to clean the dirt. One important reason to use this kind of alcohol is they are non-conductive material, easy to vaporized and its safe to use.

Spray some of the alcohol to the RAM upper body, then carefully clean it with some cotton buds. If you cant spray the alcohol, just dip the cotton first before cleaning.

☆3. Clean RAM socket plug

To clean the RAM socket plug you need the same alcohol spray and baby tooth brush. Don’t use adult brush since they tend to have hard bristles that will damage the surface.

Brush it carefully inside the socket without damaging the gold plate. If you have any air compressor that would be good also.

That’s it!!

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