MIT App Inventor 2 Android: Create your own app using web browser


Get to know about App Inventor 2 Android web-cloud software development that originally provided by Google, and now is maintained by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).What is MIT App Inventor 2-img2

What is MIT App Inventor 2 Android?

MIT app Inventor 2  is a web-based software development that allows newcomers of programming to easily create their own android app. This software transform a low and complex programming language into text-based and visual coding with capability to drag-drop object to build.

The graphical interface is simple and gives suitable environment for novice’s introduction to programming and app making. This software is really helpful for you to apply your idea into a real android application even though you have no coding background. With this, by simply using your web browser, anyone can create a basic and fully functional android app within less than an hour.

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MIT App Inventor was build to encourages many people to transition from being consumers of tech to become creators.

Various Background Users

At present MIT App inventor has grown large with millions users from more 195 countries. It has 100.000 active weekly users and have built up to 7 millions android apps. The ease and simple environment surely is what users love from MIT App Inventor.

MIT App Inventor successfully grabs wide range of audience around the globe. The audience is not limited to users with programming background but also useful for formal or informal educator to teach their computer science students about the basic of and introduction to programming.

Government and civic employees also gain the benefit in making useful android app in response to disaster and community-needs. Moreover, many designers, researchers and hobbyists also have harnessed the power of MIT app inventor.

What’s New on MIT App Inventor 2 Android?

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This App Inventor 2 is the next version from its predecessor App Inventor 1. Many aspects have been added and has slightly different in many ways compared with the first version.

  1. App Inventor 2 is now fully capable of running within your web browser without installing Java block editor.
  2. The source code file extension changed to a ‘.aia’ file instead of a ‘.zip’ file.
  3. You can add additional Screens while both in Blocks Editor or Designer mode (only in Designer screen for previous version).
  4. Blocks are now available on the left pane. No longer a need to switch between Built-In, Advanced drawers and My Blocks. Now they are all visible and available to click on.
  5. Definition drawer now replaced with Procedures is also different. All written Procedures can be seen here.

Wrapping Up: MIT App Inventor 2 Android

MIT App Inventor 2 Android is web-based software development that allows anyone to build android app even with no coding knowledge background. This software is a good start for beginners to learn develop android apps. The user interface is simple with friendly environment that easy to understand. This software is widely used by many audience from various background.

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