5 Best Free Software to Speed Up Your Windows Up To 201%

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5 Best Free Software to Speed Up Your Windows-Fast PClaptop
5 Best Free Software to Speed Up Your Windows

Get your PC/laptop performance back to its original state with these useful tools. Here the list of 5 best free software to speed up your Windows up to 201%

Slow PC/laptop performance because of two factors; hardware, and software. For hardware, there are some possible causes such as CPU overheating, obstructed air flow, and incorrect RAM combination.

However, software also plays important role deciding your PC/laptop overall performance. An outdated driver, pile up junk files, unclean registry, and rarely de-fragmented hard drive are the most common cause.

Here we have list of 5 free useful tools to tweak your Windows performance

Free Software to Speed Up Your Windows

To get back your PC/laptop to its peak performance like a new, you need to keep maintenance the system regularly. However, it will be such a pain to manually do it. Fortunately, there are many tools out there to help you to do this job. Here we have a list of 5 best free software to speed up your Windows up to 201%.


Get your laptop performance back to its original with these useful tools. This is the list of 5 best free software to speed up your Windows up to 201%-ccleaner
CCleaner by Piriform

First software to speed up your Windows is CCleaner by famous developer Piriform. Most of you may have known this software. This is the most favorite tool to keep your windows maintenance and clean from unneeded residual junk files. Another plus point to add for this tools is; FREE.

This lightweight tool is very effective for cleaning residual junks on your system which slowing down your laptop. CCleaner cleans temporary files, registry, and broken shortcut.

CCleaner supports Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista and XP. Available both in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

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SlimCleaner Free

5 Best Free Software to Speed Up Your Windows-Slim cleaner
Speed Up Your Windows using SlimCleaner Free

SlimCleaner is powerful software to keep your PC/laptop performance at its best. This software does the registry cleaning, removing residual junk files, scan your duplicate files, uninstall programs, and managing your startup. Furthermore, all those useful features are absolutely free of cost.

Want more? Not just that, SlimCleaner Free offers severals other utility to defragment your disk, scheduled clean, and display your RAM/CPU usage in real time. The cleaning utility is the most powerful feature offered. It scans and analyzes your system then remove junk files, persistent residual files, and temporary files that jamming the system.

Furthermore, you will be able to clear your website history, cache, and cookies that might violate your privacy. Files shredder is also integrated into this powerful tool. That, you can delete permanently your secret files with no worries.

SlimCleaner is free and has a high compatibility with many version Windows. This software is available for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista & XP.

IObit Uninstaller

5 Best Free Software to Speed Up Your Windows-IObit uninstaller
Uninstall stubborn programs using IObit Uninstaller

IObit Uninstaller offers you powerful feature to quickly and completely uninstall stubborn programs and all their persistent junk files. As time progress you may notice that your PC/laptop become slower.

Mostly, it happened because of unused programs, programs that can’t be completely removed, and undelete files from uninstalled programs that pile up in your memory system. IObit uninstaller comes as a handy tool to help you solve the problems and speed up your Windows.

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This built-in tool in your windows helps you to speed up your PC/laptop. Here, you can manage your startup and disable the unneeded programs that burden your system.

5 Best Free Software to Speed Up Your Windows-Msconfig1
Built in MsConfig

When installing programs you may not notice that some of the services run in the background. Most of them also set themselves to start automatically when your Windows is starting. This can happen without your concern, and you just find the windows startup is taking a longer time than usual.

With MSConfig, you can disable those unneeded startup programs and speed up your PC/laptop. To open Msconfig, click “Start Menu” then type “msconfig” then press enter.

Next, Select “Startup” tab, there you can see all programs that start automatically when windows start. Now, uncheck your unneeded programs from the list. That way, you can greatly boost your system performance.

Disk Defragmenter

Another useful built-in software in your Windows, disk defragmenter. To boost your system performance, you can rearrange your file clusters in your hard drive. Disk defragmenter comes in handy way to do this job for you.

5 Best Free Software to Speed Up Your Windows-Disk defragmenter
Disk defragmenter

As time goes by, your hard drive contains disarranged cluster of files. That, makes your system takes a longer time to access particular files among crowded files. That is why regularly defragment your hard drive is recommended. Moreover, Disk Defragmenter also reduces system startup times.

To open this tools, click “Start Menu” then type “disk defragmenter” then press enter. Once this tool is opened, select your drive then click “analyze disk”. This way, you will get report whether your disk needs a defragmentation or not. If so, start defragmentation. The process can take a long time depends on the disk size and files in it.

That is 5 best free software to speed up your windows. With regular maintenance for your system, you will get your PC/laptop performance back to its original state. Don’t forget to share

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