Mobile Legends Tricks: How to Create Colored Name and Blank Name

Learn this Mobile Legends Tricks to create colored nickname (ID). You can create unique nickname with various colors according to your like

Quick Preview about Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Mobile Legends – This game has active millions users worldwide and its growing. Mobile Legends adopted a classic multiplayer 5 vs 5 MOBA that well known as most favorite genre of strategy game. The game is packed in a modern online multiplayer with awesome graphic and features available on iOS and Android.

Mobile Legends Tricks How to Create Colored Nickname-GamePlay
Mobile Legends: Bang bang game play

You play with your team mates against another multiplayer opponent in the battle arena (5 vs 5). Your aim is the main opponent tower to destroy and conquer. To get there, you must create a path where other small towers blocking the road.

Various heroes are available to select. Each player has privilege to choose their hero before entering the battle arena. The heroes come with their own unique skill, attributes and capabilities. Heroes combination before the battle will determine greatly for your winning.

Here to download Mobile Legends for android

Mobile Legends Tricks: Colored Username

Today I am going to show you the first trick Mobile Legend to make your nickname colored. With this you can have different color than other players, which is white by default.

The step is very easy to do:

  1. First, decide what color you want to pick. Using your browser, go to, Tap/Click the area color you want to use (Slide the bottom bar to get more color). On the left side, there is Hex value for the selected color (see below ie: 3698f0). You will need this value to edit your name later.

    Mobile Legends Tricks How to Create Colored Nickname-select color
    Select color to use for your nickname
  2. Now, move to your Mobile Legends. Open the setting at top

    Mobile Legends Tricks How to Create Colored Nickname-img2
    Mobile Legends settings
  3. Edit your name (Change name card required if this not your first time)

    Mobile Legends Tricks How to Create Colored Nickname-img3
    Edit name
  4. Now, write your new name with format [color in Hex]yourname. For example mine will be: [3698f0]SoftGuide. Tap OK

    Mobile Legends Tricks How to Create Colored Nickname-img4
    Enter your hex value before nickname
  5. Done. Now enter battle arena and you will see colored nickname above your hero

    Mobile Legends Tricks How to Create Colored Nickname-featured
    Colored Nickname

That is how you change Mobile Legends color name for your hero. The step is very easy, if you got any question please do comment.

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Additional tips:

How to Create Blank Name Hero in Mobile Legends

Edit your name then copy this blank character ” ” (without quotes) paste it 4 to 8 times on your edit name then tap OK. Enter battle arena, you will see no username above your hero

Mobile Legends Tricks How to Create Colored Nickname-blankname
Blank Name

Mobile Legend Color Name Tutorial in Video Format

This tutorial available in video format check it out

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