Mobile Legends Guide: Common Terms and Definition In MOBA

Common Terms In Mobile Legends Bang bang

Learn about the most common terms in Mobile Legends MOBA game. Find out the definition of various terms, abbreviations and slang used in the game

Do you know what is kitting, jungler, juke? Those terms are frequently used in MOBA real time strategy game like Mobile Legends. And if you are new in playing, you will find many unfamiliar terms inside the game.

Knowing your team mates intentions is one of the most important factor executing your best teamwork strategy. Therefore, you must understands the most common terms they are saying in chat.

Here I am going to show you the list of terms and their definitions commonly used in Mobile Legend.

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Mobile Legends Common Terms:

  • MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena): Game genre that also known as modern real time strategy involved online multiplayer fight against another team in the battle arena. Unlike traditional real time strategy, MOBA doesn’t involved unit or building constructions and each player control a single hero at once.
  • ML (Mobile Legend)/MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang): Popular mobile game that adopted MOBA real time strategy that involved 5 vs 5 multi online players on the battle arena, available on iOS and Android.
  • Jungle: Another main zone in the battle arena that usually covered by large bush beneath the lanes. In the jungle, you will find various monsters. They are neutral creatures that hunted for gold by heroes.
  • Monster: Neutral creatures on the jungle that hold many gold. This is the most targeted creatures by hero to gain more gold (farming).
  • Minions (also called creeps in DOTA): This is unlimited friendly of unfriendly creatures that spawn to each lane from your crystal and march toward enemy turrets. This minions created and move in “waves” in group of three.
  • Turret: Cannons in lane that will automatically attack enemy when entering their radius.
  • Lanes: Three main ways of getting from your base to opponent.
  • Lord: Neutral creature that will help you march toward your enemy by slaying it.
  • Turtle: Neutral creature that hold a lot of gold that will be shared between team by slaying it.

Mobile Legends Strategy Terms:

  • Kite/Kitting: Ranged attack to opponent while evading the counter. This is effective hit and run strategy for hero with ranged ability type which commonly supported with decent agility/speed. Tips: Practice your skill accuracy attacking from distance and get ready to dodge, evade and run.
  • Gank/Ganking: This strategy involved multiple allies to perform all out attack to one or more target. When your friend says “gang the lane”, means you have to get ready to attack with all you got destroying the opponent’s lane. TIPS: Get the most effective distance to attack the lanes/opponents, give your most powerful attack ability.
  • Farm/farming: Gaining gold through the act of last hitting monsters, minions or creeps. Farming also determines your winning since you will get more gold to buy various item for your battle. When you do farming in the jungle, this also called jungling TIPS: Don’t underestimate farming, be patient, don’t rush your attack and focus on farming, you will get many benefits doing this. Buying better item at shop will grant you an ease to win the battle.
  • Overfarm: Farming gold by killing jungle monster on the enemy’s area
  • Jungling/Jungler: Act of hunting monsters or creeps in the jungle for gold farming. While jungler is the hero doing this hunt.

Mobile Legends Skill Terms:

  • ULT/Ulti/Ultimate: Your third and the most powerful skill. This devastating ability suits as final move to kill your opponent. Ultimate tag (combo) is the most effective strategy when playing with two or more team mates around you. Tips: Always ready to execute your ultimate following your friend’s attack to get last hit.
  • Malee: Close combat attack. The hero often uses weapon such as axe or sword.
  • Ranged: Attack from distance using projectile weapons or skills.
  • Last Hit: Last attack that kill the opponent. Gold is not equally shared between members of the team. The player that executed the last hit to kill the opponent will be granted more valuable item/gold. To become last hitter, you need correct timing when performing your attack. Tips: Keep practicing till you feel confident performing your final attack accurately and make correct judgement about opponent HP.
  • Juke: Performing zig-zag, instant direction change while moving. This is also an important skill you have to master when you are suffering from critical low HP status. You must run and escape from the opponent to avoid being killed. TIPS: Aware of sudden attack and make correct decision whether you have to run or attack. If it necessary, get some help (request gathering) from your allies while escaping, run to the safe area, nearest lane or bush.
  • Buff: Boost stats temporarily in the battle. Buff divided into two type, “buff self” which refers to boost stat oneself and “buff ally”, refers to boost stats for team mate stat. The buff can boost targeting one or more stats depends on the skill or item used.
  • Crowd Control: All abilities or items that cause inhibit for the enemies. There are various crowd control varieties, the most common is slow: reduce the speed and enemy agility, silence: to prevent enemy perform their ability, stunt: To incapacitate the target
  • Cooldown: Once performing skill you will get a delay. Cooldown is time you must elapse before using that skill again.

Additional Terms:

  • Noob/Newbie/Beginner: Novice player that usually have low skills or rank. Noob is also often used for mocking the losing players.
  • AFK: Away from keyboard, also used when hero in the stat of inactivity (doing nothing) because of the user leave the game or other reasons.

That is the common terms on Mobile Legend. If I am missing something, please add to the comment below

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