How to Disable ‘Articles for You’ on Chrome Android

Disable Articles on chrome
Disable ‘articles for you’ on chrome

Tips to disable “articles for you” on Chrome. Get rid of recommended articles by Google on your chrome browser tab for android.

New google chrome update 54 brings new feature for New Tab Screen. You will see the recent tab and bookmarks buttons are no longer there on the bottom, instead Google fills it with suggested “articles for you”.

Not many users like this new changes. Based on the comments on the review, users complained and wonder how to remove these articles on their Chrome.

Disable ‘Articles for You’ on Chrome

Fortunately, there is an simple way to remove this feature. You can disable the suggested articles on your chrome browser with this few steps

  1. Enter this URLs on your chrome address bar
  2. You will be brought to Chrome flag. on the highlighted drop-down menu, tap then select ‘Disabled
    Disable Articles on chrome-Default
    This is the defaullt setting

    Disable Articles on chrome-Disabled
    Tap on the drop down and select ‘Disabled’
  3. Do the same for snippets
    Disable Articles on chrome-Default2
    Default setting for snippets

    Disable Articles on chrome-Disabled2
    Tap dropdown menu then select ‘Disabled’
  4. Next, relaunch Chrome. The “Articles for you” should be no longer on your tab or home screen.

This feature is automatically enabled after update, so you have to do the same step to disable it. This tips should works fine, till the google does some new changes on it.

If you want to revert, or enable the suggested article again, tap ‘Enabled’ or ‘Default’. Hope this helps you, don’t forget to share

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