Gen 2 Pokemon Go Trick: Break Power Up Max Limit (0.57.4)

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Gen 2 Pokemon Go Power Up Trick

Try this new Gen 2 Pokemon Go power up trick, 100% works even on the latest 0.57.4 patch update. This tricks allows you to break the maximum power up limit

Niantic has just launched the 2nd generation Pokemon Go that makes many long-terms fans excited. Pack of new evolved chars are waiting for you to collect on your Pokedex.

You can now get new Pokemon like Umbreon or Espeon as your collection. In case you miss it, you can get them both with 100% chance with this easy Eevee evolution trick.

For Pokemon Go players, every Pokemon update always brings bad and good news. The bad news is, many tricks you discovered most likely have been patched by Niantic.


Most of them wont work on the last update, just like the well known power up tricks with 3 fingers. The good news is, new working tricks are always waiting for you to try. And this is one of them

Gen 2 Pokemon Go Power Up Trick Update 0.57.4

Here, I am going to share the latest power up trick that works even on the Pokemon Go Gen 2 0.57.4 update (March 2017). This trick allows you to break the power up limits, hence you will level up your Pokemon faster than your other friends did.

Before we do the trick here the requirements needed

  • 2 phone devices for double login your Pokemon
  • Enough candies and Stardust of course, you need them for powering up

Lets begin

  1. First, login your Pokemon account using both phones. Then select your Pokemon (recommended Pokemon that approaching the Max CP)

    Gen 2 Pokemon Go Power Up Trick-select pokemon
    Select Pokemon with CP almost MAX
  2. Now, turn your 1st phone into air plane mode. You need this to hold the packet data from Niantic server.

    Gen 2 Pokemon Go Power Up Trick-Turn on air plane mode on 1st phone
    Enable Airplane Mode on the 1st phone
  3. Put your 1st phone, Now we move to the 2nd phone
  4. Next, power up your Pokemon on the 2nd phone till it reach the maximum CP

    Gen 2 Pokemon Go Power Up Trick-Max CP
    Power Up using 2nd phone till MAX CP
  5. Next, move to the 1st phone. Turn off airplane mode to enable internet connection. You will see the stat is not changed, same as before you powering up. Now, start power up your Pokemon

    Gen 2 Pokemon Go Power Up Trick-Before and after
    Stat not changed on the 1st phone. Now power it up
  6. See the result after

    Gen 2 Pokemon Go Power Up Trick-Before and after2
    See the CP, it breaks the max limit

That is how to break the power up limit Gen 2 Pokemon go. Trick work even on the latest 0.57.4 update. Now, the question, will this trick works on more than 2 phones? try it yourself 😀

This tutorial also available on video format, check it out

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